Shayne Holland

Today's Top 40(Fresh, upbeat introspective, modern pop music that weaves warm rhythms with bright tempos. In similar vein as modern U2.

A reflection of emotions - the truth, the soul translated into music that easily finds its way into affecting others. Shayne Holland is the man behind the music that does just that. Taking his experiences and feelings, he has created fresh, upbeat, introspective pop music that is mainstream but far from predictable. Weaving warm rhythms with bright tempos, Shayne creates a sound that crosses adult contemporary with modern pop - "categories" aside, Shayne simply writes music with lyrics that certainly connects with everyone and sticks in your head at the same time.

In 2001 Shayne released his debut recording, a four-song CD entitled Rain that served as a prelude to his brand-new, first full-length Unconditional. Unconditional in 11 songs paints multi-layered strokes of pop music - from the bright, hook-laden opening track "She's Mine" to the captivating, heartening title track "Unconditional"; from the colorful, horn-led islandy number "Glow" to the pop rocker "Cosmic Kiss" (and it's undeniably addictive remix that closes the CD) to the absolutely catchy "Heartache" - a song that's radio-ready for sure - and all the dynamic tunes in between. In addition to Shayne's impassioned song writing and performance, he has assembled some of the best musicians in the industry to record this array of spirited songs on Unconditional; they include: Dave Mattacks, on drums, percussion, and electronic bass and whose recording and session work includes such legends as Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Elton John, XTC, Brian Eno, and Jethro Tull; Brad Hallen on bass, whose background includes recording/session work with Aimee Mann, Susan Tedeschi, Ministry, and Mike Welch; Eguie Castrillo on additional drums and percussion, whose musical credits include Jennifer Lopez, Tito Puente, Steve Winwood, The Boston Pops, Victor Mendoza, and more; and Milt Reder on guitars, who has been a session player for Bo Diddley, Susan Tedeschi, and Robin Lane and as a member of the bands Barrence Whitfield and The Savages and Four Piece Suit has received airplay on HBO and Showtime. Scott Aruda on trumpet, Dave Scholl on saxophone, and Brian Nash on piano for one track "Glow," round out the musicians, which includes Shayne himself on piano for all the other songs. With his first full-length now complete, Shayne has plans to tour in promotion of Unconditional - but Unconditional is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Shayne's songs go, for though he has just released this recording, he has already finished writing and recording his second album.
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