Out of my Comfort Zone 

I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow starts a new and exciting chapter in my music career. I am launching a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to record my latest songs. It's definitely out of my comfort zone but I am excited nonetheless. 


It's important to always try new things in one's career and I'm so thrilled to go on this journey with all of my friends, family and fans. 



Growing up Music 

Music was always a passion of mine since the age of four when I jumped on my family's Kawai grand piano and smashed away the best a four year old knew how. It was in upstate New York where the home was filled with classical greats, the Beatles catalogue and jazz horn playing giants such as Miles Davis. My mother was a classically trained pianist, my father a trumpet soloist for the drum and bugle corp and my great grandfather a touring violinist first for the British army band and then solo across Europe‚Ķ

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